Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The evil lace monster and what it likes to eat.

This is the current progress of my clover lace wrap from stitch n'bitch- evil,
and thwarting my patient progress through its cunning green wiles.

On a more 'romantic' (shudder) note, I put my sister's titchy little heart pastry cutters to good use . The little pie below was for my grandmother, and other will be for feeding and pacifying the hungry lace monster. Why do you always end up with 'never-ending' pastry fragments afterwards? (That, or you only just have enough to put the pastry lid on, which needs to be stretched within an inch of it's life to FIT THE DAMN THING)

Write and read comments:

Shawna said...

So pretty!!! I love the hearts!

Josie said...

I have dinosaur biscuit cutters now so I'm anticipating a dino pie next!