Sunday, 3 May 2009

Online knitting mags.

These seem to come and go so fast, I wanted to make myself a list for future reference.
These are all knitting zines; as I couldn't recognise a good crochet pattern if one passed out in my lap, I am sticking grimly to what I know ;p

First we have the free pattern zines:

Fiber Republic
The Anticraft (though recent issues seem to consist entirely of recipies)

Here are the mags that charge for patterns.
Don't let this put you off; Twist in particular is super and is free to ogle. It's nice for the designers to make a percentage and works out better financially for them.

Twist Collective

Knitcircus also has a few free patterns. Requires flash player!

For the linguistically adept or merely nosy

I have tried online translators for these, including the aptly named Babelfish, but they tend to chew up knitting patterns. This site can translate common knitting terms into different languages for you, if you don't mind doing some of the work.

Ullaneule is a nice Finnish zine, with translations frequently popping up on Ravelry at the UllaKnits group.

and there is also:

Tejemanejes in Spanish and
Wolke in German.

Finally, we have some upcoming magazines:

Tangled will be issued in the autumn of 2010.

And a few archives from defunct webzines:
Popknits and Meta Post-modern Knitting