Sunday, 24 January 2010

Here for your perusal I have some fun postcards: I got them when I was about 18ish from a junk shop in Manchester in my kitschy neurotic magpie phase. I'm glad I scanned them as the originals are pretty trashed now from being carted all over the place. Some of them are named actresses and some don't have names.

One of the things I love about old photos is that they make time seem almost irrelevent, or at least, they make the passage of time seem very strange. I like to imagine how these people would look in modern dress, or vice- versa.

The times portrayed look totally different, but this is largely due to the capabilities of the cameras- not how everything looked. To us, the Victorian world is in sepia, or WW2 was in b/w, or the 1940s was Technicolor. Even if we know, rationally, that this isn't so.

I saw a few episodes of a series about the world wars in colour a year or so ago with rare colour footage from the time- it made a very definite impact. Just the fact it was in colour made it seem more disturbing and 'real'.

One odd fact for you: apparently, people used to dream in black and white more when b/w television was in vogue. Now they have colour tv, they dream in colour. It's really quite disturbing that television had such an impact.






Monday, 4 January 2010

1920s resources

I've decided to start collecting these, so I'll compile everything I find and like into this post (until it gets too big!) I like 1920s styles- they work well for me as I'm quite flatchested and am fond of the simplicity (especially the short hair). Retro fashion is fascinating but the really cutesy, high-maintenance 1950's dos really aren't for me ;)

I also like the political significance of the 1920s. Clothes were comfortable and women were in a far better place compared to previous times! I suppose the ultra-glam stylings later on were something of a reaction to the 1920s tomboyishness, which I myself am rather partial to.

A makeup video. Super good. However I might suggest the lip outline could be done a teeny bit smaller as it looks a little near 1950s lip style for me...

Another good makeup video- very elaborate eyes and may take a while!

This could be modified very easily by getting rid of the bottom part of the cut by layering it shorter and shaving the back of the neck a little.

I remember this series when it came out on TV in the UK- they did a different retro style each day in a 10min slot. I enjoyed watching them a lot, although I think I missed quite a lot as the scheduling was rather arbitrary. Wish they'd release a DVD of the collection!

The Marquise database has pretty much anything a curious costumier could wish for; it covers all fashion from Mediaeval times- including a great 1920s resource page.