Monday, 4 January 2010

1920s resources

I've decided to start collecting these, so I'll compile everything I find and like into this post (until it gets too big!) I like 1920s styles- they work well for me as I'm quite flatchested and am fond of the simplicity (especially the short hair). Retro fashion is fascinating but the really cutesy, high-maintenance 1950's dos really aren't for me ;)

I also like the political significance of the 1920s. Clothes were comfortable and women were in a far better place compared to previous times! I suppose the ultra-glam stylings later on were something of a reaction to the 1920s tomboyishness, which I myself am rather partial to.

A makeup video. Super good. However I might suggest the lip outline could be done a teeny bit smaller as it looks a little near 1950s lip style for me...

Another good makeup video- very elaborate eyes and may take a while!

This could be modified very easily by getting rid of the bottom part of the cut by layering it shorter and shaving the back of the neck a little.

I remember this series when it came out on TV in the UK- they did a different retro style each day in a 10min slot. I enjoyed watching them a lot, although I think I missed quite a lot as the scheduling was rather arbitrary. Wish they'd release a DVD of the collection!

The Marquise database has pretty much anything a curious costumier could wish for; it covers all fashion from Mediaeval times- including a great 1920s resource page.

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