Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sea Creatures

Sea urchins! Or kind of....

I think I might have gotten the urge to knit these because of my maternal grandmother. Her house was very tidy- almost too tidy- but also relaxing and calm. She had a large bookcase with a large sea urchin in it, which also held books on astronomy, natural history, and shipping. I haven't seen the urchin recently, so maybe she left it behind when she moved.

They feel pleasant to hold in the palm of your hand

I rather like the way they look on this old acrylic jacket lining- almost like some sort of strange fungus, and as if they are made of the same substance as the background (which they patently aren't)

I used this pattern by Evergreen Knits (you can also get the PDF on Rav)

I'd strongly recommend using feltable wool- also, be careful not to leave too many gaps when you make the bobbles- keep the yarn reasonably taut and you won't have to spend as long prodding them as I did ;p. It's a lovely pattern- quick, simple and clever.

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