Friday, 22 April 2011

Shrooms for Lara ;D


A simple line etching with tons of stuff added onto it. Inks, markers pens, acrylic, and coloured pencils too I think. Lara has a much better pic at her blog- I think it was a lot darker that this scan... from what I can remember of drawing it...

It's fun putting a load of random things together to make an interesting shape. Fungi has such interesting shapes and the types differ a lot, but they do a similar feel whichever you draw. It's funny....I guess it's the fleshiness that makes them look so interesting, the way they grow, plus the slightly predatory look they have (to me anyhow....)

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lara griffiths said...

the talent you have makes me green with envy. i am so extremely lucky own the original. :) shrooms indeed. i love it!

Jo said...
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Jo said...

Aww, thank you sweetie x

I always feel frustrated with myself for not being as good as I aspire to be. I guess it's the same for everyone though!

(Edited for clarification) ;p