Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Slight alteration

Comments should now be open for anyone- not just OpenID users!
Dang blogger default settings....

I am being invaded by spam as a result, so as a precaution I have enabled moderating on comments for a bit. x I'm also setting up a bloglovin' link to make things a bit easier.

There is currently a known bug with the Chrome browser, so all Blogger users might find it useful to note that it is caused by the 'embedded below post' option for commenting. To fix it, go to settings, comments, and make sure it is not selected. (thanks to Patricia for the fix)

I just switched mine to full-page commenting, which isn't ideal but at least it works for everyone. There is also a popup version, but I suspect may get stopped by adblocker programs, so I'm not using it.

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