Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I began making a small stash of henna patterns, on a load of old envelopes I got from a scrapstore. But in the end I wanted to paint this up as a finished thing in itself- they are great fun to draw and slightly hypnotic. I think this was a Moroccan design. Partly related to meditation, partly, possibly, for repelling the evil eye.
I'm a bit obsessed by Moroccan patterns, and pattern generally at the moment.

It's drawn in pencil, inked in orangey drawing ink, and I painted in the white triangles last. This kind of exercise is really good for improving your coordination.

Ideally it should have been perfect as that little error in the bottom right throws the hypnotic effect a little. (one useful thing you get in posting pics is seeing them with a fresh eye and noticing things you can correct!)

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lara griffiths said...

i like it! i could stare at it for hours. the red/orange really pops on the craft brown background

i envy your tallent

MayaB said...

I guess the hypnotic benefit is greatest for you, while making the picture. Amazing how you can get drawn into working creatively and visually, so that things around you kind of disappear while working. I really enjoyed having a look through your work, you are most definitely talented.

northernnarratives said...

I love these types of designs. Fun to draw and fun to look at! Judy