Sunday, 22 May 2011


I can't remember what the hell this plant is, but I suspect it was cranesbill- I found it while weeding and the colours were amazing (usually they just look green) The actual size of the leaf was about the size of a single finger joint.

It was drying out while I did it, so I had to work fast- by the time I finished, it was just a little dry black crumpled ball, and you'd never have imagined it could ever have looked so beautiful. I just wish I could have done it justice!

I think I might do a bit more border outlining on the edges at some point, but I'm waiting for the post-drawing tampering feeling to subside first.

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northernnarratives said...

I love the colors and shape of this plant. It may be a weed but you have shown it does have beauty. Judy

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

so pretty! who knew weeds could steal the show? I totally envy this kind of artistic talent, because i have NONE! :)