Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hello earthlings, I bring you a gift of pastels and sarcasm

Birthday post! I am now 29! Today wasn't especially thrilling... working til six, and trying to tidy up for my mothers' visit (our house is somewhat squalid) But I did go to an orchid show run by schoolkids last week, it was brilliant. I got a few plant critters, one is in a flask and I am scared to take it out....

The afternoon consisted of attempting to sort out the fish tank. The problems with the damn thing have been myriad- tons of bizarre brown algae blooms that slowly creep over everything, malfunctioning lights, and, most recently, a filter that I suspect eats fish. After hoiking out all the bits of plant, the whole thing resembled the opening scenes of Lawrence of Arabia- a billowing coloud of brown gak replacing the ethereal mist. My floor is wet and nerves are frayed.

My fish matey has been temporarily evicted to the big tank downstairs, and I have developed a grudge against Aquasoil substrate. This time the damn stuff is going on the compost heap to be replaced with SAND. ..

On another note, have a nice pastel Marr/Sumner/Neil thingy 80's video mocking Morrissey. The bleached-out tones are super, even if the song is a bit insipid. However the idea of a video that cackles at contrived miserabilism pleases me... Plus you get three bits-of- bands for the price of one! Smiths, New Order/Joy Division and Pet Shop Boys (slightly less exciting that one, eh?)

I love all that whingeing shoegazing stuff but I can't dispute the contrived nature of those bands. It's profitable and sometimes rather cosy to be in that position. Then again, anything is better than manically happy boy bands.

From Tennant:

"I think we wrote this in the beginning of 1990, during the shoe-gazing period, when Morrissey was huge as a solo artist. It's another song sort of written from the point of view of being Morrissey - the first song like that being 'Getting away with it', The Electronic single, which I wrote most of the words of. 'Getting away with it' is looking at Morrissey's persona of being miserable and all the rest of it, and saying that he's been getting away with it for years. It's meant to be humorous. 'Miserablism' is a satire, a little like 'How can you expect to be taken seriously?' What bugged me about the shoe-gazers always looking really miserable is that people think someone like that is really serious. It's something that endlessly bugs me in pop music - that someone with the style of being serious is always accepted as being serious. And also that anyone being playful is then not taken seriously, whereas actually being playful is actually more difficult than being 'serious', and possibly can end up being a lot more serious at the same time. The words to this song were inspired by someone telling me that they asked their father on his deathbed what it was like, and he said: 'is is, isn't isn't'. And I thought that was a great quote, and a very kind of miserablist way of looking at the world. There's no romance - the only thing that exists is what really exists."

Humorous people are not necessarily less meaningful, or shallower. Miserabilism is real, but not always a fount of wisdom. It all depends. You do need the freedom of thinking pessimistically, it's a good place to plonk yourself down and think about stuff. But humour can be a complicated thing, too. Some of the spikiest, most interesting people I have ever met were people who laughed a lot.

For more info on the song, go to the eternally useful Wikipedia, or peruse the lyrics.

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Heavenly said...

Great blog!!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! I read some of your other blogs as well and I love your artwork and photos!

LadyLazarus said...

Aww thanks my dear, I appreciate it xxx