Thursday, 11 August 2011

I aten't dead!

I have been so busy with 60hr shifts that I haven't posted for ages! So I thought you might like to see some random pictures I took from a trip in the park last Spring. And hopefully, remind myself to have another calm day sometime.

The tree I sat in. The centre is mossy and makes a good seat.

Interesting root patterns from the same tree. They stretched a few times the length of the trunk, as all good roots do.

Knees from the tree, and wiggly roots on a skirt by coincidence. I found it in a charity shop one day for about a quid one day when I was really skint.

I like the patterns on this one.

Bracket fungus by the lake! This has been there for ages, and it's nice that it's still in good condition. I'm sure it has been there for over a year now.