Saturday, 17 December 2011

Kew Gardens Glasshouses

Here are some pics I took in Kew Gardens last months on our London jaunt....I have plans for them. My flatmate was whooshing mockingly forward at top speed on one of their zippy little disability scooters, while I desperately tried to keep up with my feeble little pedestrian legs.

I especially love the succulent house and the glasshouses. London always drives me mildly insane and inexplicably eats money, but I love to go there. Just not too often...

Love the rain effect! And the 'frames'. The old corroded rusty structure is amazing.

This is actually the roof. You can climb up the spiral staircase and walk all round the balcony. You can see how high the plants reach here.

I also love the fact that the trees were their natural shapes with branches all the way down and not bloody pollarded to within an inch of their lives.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Moon etching

A moon etching I just finished, from a sketch using a few moon map references. . I want to tidy up the aquatint bit more with a needle though, especially as the damn thing looks like it has been sat on due to the thicker baseline.

It was fun getting the reference pic for this, you have to draw the original in reverse so I made an awesome moon map photocopy with magical-looking reverse labelling.

Most of the moon landmarks use the term 'sea' for the dips, and 'mount' for the rocky projecting bits. So you get beautiful names like the Sea of Tranquility and the Mount of Venus. (Historically there tends to be a lot of wrangling about celestial names amongst the scientific community- Mars is a super example and I mean to write about it sometime...)

Anyway enough of my babbling.

Soft ground (carved in soft ground, and some painted-on soft ground, watercolour paper, aquatint)