Friday, 9 March 2012

Madonna and Crocodile

Just to say ... I got to hold a baby pygmy crocodile at a croccy conservation thingy!

He fell asleep under the warm lights. Apparently, he'll start to nip after a year or so, which is 'when he starts to realise he's a crocodile'. This pleases me. He had the tiniest teeth at the time though, and golden eyes. Also note the fashionable glasses mended with a paperclip :D

I love crocodiles more than anything, They are not stupid or vicious, they are beautiful and smart! And very good parents too, incidentally. You can see baby Caymans hatching here: I promise it will make you happy.

you MUST have the volume on your 'puter for this, it is a noise you will much enjoy recreating of an evening in with your friends.

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Eliza said...

I really love this video. I love the crocodile eyes they look so friendly, to me :-)

LadyLazarus said...

I completely agree! Kind of sneaky and friendly at the same time. The grin is really endearing too ;p