Sunday, 13 May 2012


My health is screwy lately, so while I am trying to update semi regularly I'm a bit slow at the moment
My goodness, the new Blogger layout is awful isn't it? ...

On a less boring note I have been making the Beekeepers' Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits! I have only done about 65 pieces so far, which is..... erm... quite some way off from completion (I think the required number to finish it was a couple of hundred...)

I kinda like the way it looks at this weird angle!

If you are making one, I really recommend laying it out periodically. I found my colour balance was going way off through a seemingly compulsive and abiding fondness for blue, brown, and forest green :D   I need to get more purples for a start to balance it out.

As for yarn- the pattern recommends sock yarn which is great, but beware of self-striping- it tends to make big blocks of colour which is fine if you like abstracts but looks a bit silly after a while. However experimenting is super if you like an accidental  bit of serendipity. I really like striping a dark colour against a variegated yarn, it breaks up the starkness of the colour changes.

I'm embroidering some of the charts made by various TOK ravelry groups.


Well, I *hope* this one is obvious...

This one is pretty wonky. I'm not that good at duplicate stitch, heh...