Sunday, 10 June 2012

Silly things part 1

I thought it might be fun to post some daft stuff for a change. This bunch is a load of truly appalling sci-fi book covers. I have quite vivid memories of staring incredulously at a rack of old Panther-published novels in a secondhand bookshop at the tender age of 16, and wondering how the hell anyone managed to consciously create something so crap, and then get it passed by the art director, presumably without injury. Now I'm just sort of resigned to it.

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I think the fact I can't read German and therefore have absolutely no clue as to what is going on here makes me like it even more.

This isn't actually at all badly drawn, but it goes in because it it such an awful 'ba-DUM' 'comedy' moment. It makes me think of bad American sitcoms, and the incongruous green guy wailing 'Oh, YOU GUYSSS' at his comedy pets. I think this is probably what most people now imagine the Mediaeval Era was actually like.

Love his expression. Still don't quite understand.


Oh, brilliant, now we come to the felines. I was somewhat startled by the amount of covers with nude boobycats, robocats, aliencats, flying owlcats and anything else your little heart could desire, really.. Aptly titled, though the 'universe beyond imagination' is pushing it a bit though, as frankly I've always wanted a stable of flying, rideable animals and I strongly suspect I'm not alone.


Words fail me.

In the interests of balance, here is what appears to be a wise gerbil upon a toilet throne.

Looks as if he's either posing for a school photo or going to the dentist.

I love this one SO MUCH. It's so fantastically irrelevant.
Next, we need A Wizard of Earthsea illustrated with a side of ham.

Oh man, this is the classic old paperback sci fi style.
Spectacularly ugly, bizarre, slightly sordid, luridly coloured and slightly worrying.

Here we go again.

I told you that nail varnish didn't suit you.

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Here, it's not so much the art as the situation that worries me.

Computers can do anything these days.



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