Thursday, 16 August 2012


I love going to life classes. I'm a pretty slow drawer, so usually half-hour poses tend to result in half-finished pictures for me. Usually it's just annoying, but occasionally I quite like the effect. I always used to like the way Klimt had just a head or hand poking out among lots of abstract decoration... although mindless decoration also gets on my nerves, so I'm a bit conflicted about that motif...Anyway these are all ones I drew that I want to try tinkering with sometime.

These are all tidied up a bit in PS with the curves tool, as the paper scanned quite dark and my scanner is on the blink. I think I drew this one in blue pastel.


Bits of cloth can be surprisingly effective, to me at least, I like the irregular shapes of drapery a lot, and it means the figure makes a bit more sense. It's often worth adding props even if they look boring in the life room.

A lot of my stuff ends up with face closeups, cause I get grumpy when I hamfistedly end up missing out little details on the main figure.  I REALLY need to make sure I leave time for hands, I like drawing them and they make a huge difference to the final picture. ARGH.

Anyone who hasn't drawn from life before, I really recommend it. The benefits being thus: you end up in a kind of mediative state, plus it makes you utterly blase about nudity, having the added benefit of dissolving individual body paranoia. Nobody I have drawn has ever had a boring face or body. I think it's actually impossible to have an ugly body, unless you were some sort of plastic-pumped clone, and even that would be interesting to draw in its own way.

 I've seen hundreds and hundreds of naked men and women by now and the ridiculous media outrages about the horrors and immorality of nudity just makes me raise an incredulous eyebrow and then go back to sleep.

The latest place I go to lures me in with chocolate biscuits and coffee at breaktime- I'm easily bought. 

And now I have to go to the supermarket- how exciting for me! ;p