Saturday, 22 September 2012

Random pics and art in progress

I just dyed my hair pillarbox red for my upcoming trip to Germany!  At least I can always shave it again XD  As you can see I usually look cheerfully goofy and barely ever wear makeup.

Sometimes I shave my hair, sometimes I grow it long- it amuses and interests me that it is so easy to appear androgynous when you are female- all you have to do is look as you look.

The media portrays women in such an over-sanitised way that it's very, very rare to see even everyday, 'normal' women looking au naturel, as women are so over-saturated with Steptford Wife ideals. It's such an interesting subject that I intend to write more about it in future, though.

I'm currently reading the Neverness trilogy by David Zindell which I really like, although it does have some enraging flaws. I also suspect Hanuman is going to wind up killed off, which enrages me because he is a far better and more loveable character than the main protagonist.. Also Gorky's childhood memoirs, They are absolutely amazing, beautifully vivid and sympathetic without being romanticised. I would recommend them to anybody.

These pictures are from a new painting, I am a very slow painter so this has been on the go for a couple of months, and I just add bits at a time. It's slowly taking shape now but needs a lot more work.

Off to Berlin in two days, so next post should probably be full of bratwurst and sex clubs. However I am a vegetarian and an inveterate coward so expect tamer things :P *sighs*