Saturday, 3 November 2012

Between the Sheets

 (click for a bigger version)

This is a VERY old picture- I remember where I was when I drew it, so I know I was about 26, making it around four years ago. At the time I was very interested in euphoric states of mind, but based on detachment and spartan freedom rather than pleasure. Dignity and suspension.

Another thing that interested me was bedsheets. I am still keen on trying them in another form, (but a bit less stylised).

The lack of arms is intentional. I was looking at a lot of archaeological pics at the time, especially those ancient Greek statues statues which have lost various limbs and so on. She's not a practical woman, more of a religious sort, I guess.Can't affect anything tangible, but she can merge/escape into her surroundings and express herself through them.

It's ink, partly Isograph refillable pen (which I killed due to my heavy pressure :P) and permanent needletipped felt pen. Looking at it now, it seems awfully cluttered when shrunk down. but I still have some affection for it as I like her terseness despite its faults :P.

This has been fixed in Photoshop from four separate scans of an A2 drawing. It nearly drove me nuts trying to stitch it together with my rusty PS skills- it's not perfect, but at this resolution, that's not too big a deal. Plus the net is only staying on for a few seconds at a time: meaning I'm honing my ninja timing skills.

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Ashley said...

Hello from Ravelry!

This is a very pretty picture; I like the sheets swirling all around her. It makes it seem as though she can bend her reality around as she pleases.

LadyLazarus said...

Aww thanks! The idea of bending reality around a figure is a really interesting one, it is giving me ideas now! ;p