Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pom Poko screenshots part 1: Landscapes

 Okay, so if you haven't yet seen Pom Poko then you must. It's a film by the Japanese Studio Ghibli about raccoons. It has the most fantastic mix of good things; humour, wonderful music, bawdy humour, expressive characters and gorgeous, realistic depictions of nature.

The backgrounds are so wonderfully painted that I just had to make a blog post with some screenshots of the film. Some of these were only visible for a few seconds, but the detail is incredible and the atmosphere is immersive.

Bear in mind these shots are not in viewing order. The film runs in cycles of several seasons, so I tried to put complementary things together.... 

Click for more. This is a must-see!


 The basic theme is of 'development' affecting raccoon colonies. This shot was right at the start of the film- the leaf is gradually devoured, caterpillar-style

One thing that I liked about this film was the way it reminded you that even deforestation is a part of natural animal behaviour. Not good, but part of the behaviour of the human animal wanting to expand their territory

Beautiful lichen detail. 

 Spring breeding season

In Japanese folklore, raccons are shapechangers.

I love the way they show a rainy day by using fuzzy watercolour edges. 

 Autumn now.


     .................turning to winter.

 Whirling banknotes and developers.

 Nature adapts

 The film is really very unusual, in that it cycles from realistic raccons and their behaviour, to cartoon mythological raccoons. It works extremely well and both convince you in their own ways.

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