Monday, 11 February 2013


I just started a ceramics class for a bit of variety lately. It's horribly addictive, and I've been tinkering around with many silly ideas. Evidently I'm constitutionally incapable of making anything sensible, but they all have some sort of tenuously practical use so far. I'm pretty much just bumbling along and teaching myself as I go.

Buff(?)  clay with white, red, yellow and brown glazes. The little fireplace in the centre is designed to hold a tealight and the roof comes off.  

Click the cut for more! Lots more, I'm afraid.... 

This first one is unfinished, but I have Baba Yaga's cottage in mind while making it. Nice to have a house that pokes its tongue out :P The thing currently living inside it is a knitted sea urchin that I did ages ago. It amuses me, however, that it looks like goofy teeth, so it stays there.

Mushroom in two parts. I kinda had the intention to make it a bowl or serving saucer, maybe for salt or something. The gills are made with combed slip, as was the thatch for the cottage. It looks pretty damn phallic, but hey, of course it does, it's a GODDAMN MUSHROOM...You can just see my Kali poster behind it.


Sea urchin jar. I'm obsessed by the damn things. At work they have quite a few that were excavated from chalk deposits, so I wanted to glaze them white. Thinking about it now, it might be better with a matte slip and just a bit of glossy glaze in the holey bits.. 

I like how it looks washed up on the shore here. 

Fig leaf, glazed partly with white glaze and rubbed-in copper oxide. The leaf I used as a template is from Castle Park in Bristol, where a fig tree grows from the Floating Harbour wall (which probably arrived with shipping) and is now at least 100 years old.

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