Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Froggybob, toadybob, he's a bit confused to be honest.

I made a ceramic frogtoad. My first ceramic critter!

I always deeply disliked the frog princes’ bride. The story actually rather upset me as a child, to tell the truth.  How could she throw the poor thing across the room, I ask you *cries*

(buff clay, yellow.white glaze for belly, brown and mixed pale green for back, w/ copper oxide powder)
And black glaze for the eyes. I really like simple black glaze on eyes, and got the idea from looking at stuff by other clay tinkerers. It means the light always hits in a natural way, the 'gleam' always means it doesn't look too 'dead'. 
I'm thinking of making him a crown and a golden ball and giving him a photosession in the local pond for extra silliness value.

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