Monday, 27 May 2013

Stages of progress

Upon seeing a picture of the original Mr Toad, I was recently asked to do a commission for a lovely lady by her husband. I took a bunch of WIP photos, as I thought it would be interesting for her to see the method of construction (you don't get that with factory-made items!)

I decided if I was going to make a copy of an existing creature, I wanted it to be both different and better, as I'd learned a lot of interesting things in making the prototype. 

Here's the final critter:

Here are the modelling stages: he's made from gritty raku clay (this has tiny hard particles in, which give texture and hold together well when sculpting). You can see the original version I made for myself in the background, used for reference. As you can see, my art desk is quite chaotic XD

Basic shape, made hollow (otherwise he would explode during firing, which is an unfortunate end for anybody) 

Click for the whole process!