Monday, 2 December 2013

*Heroic attempt*

It seems that I am wading through SO much spam these days, so I'm going to start disabling anon comments.  The quantity of junk is really starting to put me off Blogger, it would be quite interesting to know if other people using it have noticed as much crap leaping into their inboxes as I have...It does, however, seem to have a fairly decent filter, which is something.

Life has been incredibly chaotic lately, I have come down with a bunch of exasperating and chronic illnesses and moved house. On the yay side I have a nice fella ambling about with me these days.

 On the bright side, I am going to start focusing on botanical art for a bit, so there will be more stuff up here! I am more active on tumblr at present so feel free to come visit (I love following new people too) :)

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