Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pom Poko screenshots part 2: Ghost parade

 Ok, if you haven't yet seen the film you might like to save this (the dramatic climax) til later, It's not exactly a spoiler, but it's such a brilliantly hallucinatory experience to watch that I wouldn't want to take that away from you. ;)
That said, here goes! Again, some of these are a bugger to catch because it moves so fast.

  From earlier in the film, but I couldn't resist adding it.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pom Poko screenshots part 1: Landscapes

 Okay, so if you haven't yet seen Pom Poko then you must. It's a film by the Japanese Studio Ghibli about raccoons. It has the most fantastic mix of good things; humour, wonderful music, bawdy humour, expressive characters and gorgeous, realistic depictions of nature.

The backgrounds are so wonderfully painted that I just had to make a blog post with some screenshots of the film. Some of these were only visible for a few seconds, but the detail is incredible and the atmosphere is immersive.

Bear in mind these shots are not in viewing order. The film runs in cycles of several seasons, so I tried to put complementary things together.... 

Click for more. This is a must-see!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Little cyclamen flower

I love cyclamen! I have been doodling bits of them on and off this week to prep for something a bit bigger.  This damn flower fell off when I moved it, so I sketched it out of guilt from for cutting it off in its prime...

Pencil sketch with a bit of white acrylic and watercolour.

 Edit to say the original plant for this is wilting and looking reproachfully at me. I think the problem might be the cold windowsill, but then they are supposed to hate being overheated (about 50F is supposedly right). I've been hunting down restorative treatments today- apparently evicting them outside nightly can help. This site has some interesting tips.

 They also like being watered underneath in the saucer, rather than directly onto the corm. They also go dormant in summer which is rather unusual, so you need to leave it alone at that point. ....Some suggest letting them dry out completely before watering, then dunk in a saucer to get a fix til they dry out again. This doesn't seem to be helping mine much though, poor thing.

I am determined to keep one of these damn things alive eventually.....ARGH.

Next art post will probably be pottery related cause I just started a new evening class! :P Hope you're all well in this freezy weather....