Welcome to Woolybug; the lurking-place of Jo Frances, a painter and illustrator based in the South-West.  I have been messing about with paints as long as I can remember, and plunging my hands into the gluepot for kicks in the period preceding that.

I get fixated with natural forms and astronomy, and like to have my fingers in too many pies at once. I love classical illustration, geology, ceramics, fibrecraft, writing, and being outdoors.

 Purchase and commission

Anything under the art(mine) tag is available as a print (and comes without the stylish copyright tag- hurrah!). At the moment,  I generally do them as custom runs,  and have hi-res scans stashed away, so pretty much any size is possible.  I always use acid-free paper. Prices vary depending on the paper and size, so please let me know what kind of thickness paper you'd like, whether you want colour or monochrome, and rough image size required, if you would like a quote.

Some paintings are occasionally available to sell. If there is something you particularly want, feel free to drop me a line by email to check. I also do commissions, specialising in nature (including portraits and animals), mythology and the surreal, but am game for most (legal) subjects. Actually, drawing cartwheeling Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs reading Aeschylus might make a nice change from quickly-wilting flowers, so long as I can keep up with the pig.

I also occasionally do ceramics commissions.

About this site

I am trying to get this site working as smoothly as possible. If you notice any bugs, do let me know (along with your browser and resolution) and I will tinker some more!

Contact: woolybugartblog@gmail.com

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